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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shipping & Handling Charges

My fellow scrapbookers,

Ah finally, internet services a bit better...but still slow.....

Anyway, on to the subject above. I have had questions being asked about the high cost of shipping within Malaysia. We do our very best to charge ACTUAL shipping plus a few bucks extra for insurance (charged by the local postal service) + cost of packing materials to ensure you receive your products in perfect condition. Also, I tend to use Pos Laju within Malaysia because I have had so many items missing when I use the normal postal service, don't know why the postal people want to "hold on" to scrapbook stuff when they don't know what scrapbooking is....If upon checkout the postal service turns up too high, do see if I am online (valerie.gan@gmail.com) and I will see if the actual turns up lower, so I can send you an adjusted invoice. Alternatively, if you have paid, I would be more than willing to give store credit for future purchases if postage ends up lower.

If you prefer to pick up your packages, I am located in Sg. Long which is a suburb close to Kajang town. Do email me privately for that bc obviously we don't want kidnappers or thieves hounding me..ha ha...but then these days nothing is 100% safe....

So I hope I have answered everyone....sorry if there is a slight delay in emails lately, I am nearly always on BUT for the earthquake....so until then, adios...


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