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Sunday, March 30, 2008

SnC 1st Crop Party

Group Photo - obviously staring into another camera
From Right to Left: Yukie, Nad, Yatie, Ida
From left to right: Hazel, Ida, Yatie
Top: Agnes, me (with my eyes closed - obviously no sleep!), Azah (same fate), Sal, Nad

Bottom: Hazel, Ida, Yatie

Our organizers: Wati and Liza (deep in thought!)
Sal and Yukie (no copying, honey!)
Azah, Hazel, Ida, Yatie...glueing and gluing
Azah hard at work!
Nad - ooh the concentration!!!

Shopping Time!!!!
Sal contemplating....
Agnes, the smiles says it all
Mich peering into Yatie's choices

No one wanted to look up - only 15 mins to shop!

And next we had the Maya Road CHA08 Part 1 Arrival
Lots and lots of coaster albums just for the crop participants
And these people were supposed to be scrapping??? but caught in the act!
Who can resist Maya Road?

The Final Crop Results (this were the more "hardworking" scrappers - the rest couldnt resist shopping!!!)
Hazel's - ooh look how she used the mulberry flowers to accentuate the patterned paper
Ida - love her photo here! Noticed she prepared her tag's before hand!
Agnes - see how she painted the corners to bring out the purple jacket?

Sal - Lovely cut out there! What patterned paper is that?
Azah (or Dalla as I call her)....hmmm good idea on layering the Primas!

Deedah -Love the way she used the KI Memories laced cardstock and highlighted the 3!
The final winner went to Sal, obviously lotsa hard work with the cut outs Her prize consist of a paint set, monogram stickers and some patterned papers! Way to go!

Wow what a blast!!!! Our crop party was so much fun and everyone enjoyed the games and the crop session and the food...but I think the one thing everyone was looking forward to was our special SALES and the preview of Maya Road 1!!!!! Thank you Liza, Wati for organizing this wonderful crop....and Mich for chaperoning everyone here....our attendees were mostly from outstation, Singapore, Kedah, KL and Sungai Long!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Maya Road Part 1 {The Arrival}

Rub Ons
More Sheers - Scrolls, Flowers

Chipboard Albums - Trees, Butterflies
Chipboard Embellishments - Scrolls, Keys, Crowns
Velvet Flowers

Sheers - Office Memos, Notes

Coaster Albums

Keyring Albums

Chipboard Embellishments
Chipboard Shaped Albums

MOre Chipboard

Clear Albums


Chipboard Elements

Oooohhhhh la la......this is just Part 1 of 3 or 4 parts....for some reason, I only received 5 of 8 boxes! But here goes...drool girls.... This collection will be available for those attending our special crop party tomorrow! A preview sale for our special guests!!!