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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Prima Flowers

Not sure if you guys have heard, that Prima flowers are all the rage now! Lovely mulberry paper flowers packed in lovely gift boxes....almost too lovely to open it up and use!

We brought in the:

1. Big box blooms - flowers up to 6 1/2" large to decorate your album cover, your layout, boxes...
2. The Carnival collection - ooh....these are running out fast...the Milk Bath white flowers is nearly gone, right after it was listed!!! Only 3 left....but if I "steal" 1...
3. The Hydrangea no.5 Tin Can, comes in lovely tins with a glass top...hydrangeas in all shades
4. Flowers of the month...different flowers to represent different months.....3 months comes in a lovely box, so if you purchase all 3 months, I'll leave the box as it is, wrapped with twill!
5. Prima Flowers No.1 come in a glass heart shape bottle....almost like a perfume bottle!!!
6. Prima Flowers No. 3 comes in a round glass bottle....also like a perfume bottle....lovely pressies!!!!
7. Flowers no. 6 comes in a plastic bottle with a bronze twist cap, non breakable...
8. And finally some flowers in a wooden box with glass cover...the velvet ones are irrisitable!!!

I'll post pictures later...my computer is acting up.....so cant post now....but go on in to www.scrap-n-crop.com for a peek at our latest shipment!!!


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