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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Annual American Christmas Bazzar

I have to thank Michelle (chowchowscrapper) for this one...she has really been encouraging me and inspiring me to do so much more...a big big thank you...uuuummmmck!
We will be participating in this year's annual american christmas bazzar. It will be on the 15th of November...so please save the date! Come visit us and give us more encouragement!
And we are also happy that all proceeds from this bazzaar goes to various charitable organizations!


* Dream Weaver * said...

Will definitely be there.
I cant wait to see all the stuff you have.
Do you need voluenteers to help you on that day?

scrap-n-crop said...

Thank you very much for your offer!!! We unfortunately can only bring a sample of our offerings, not much, cuz we are only given 1 table to display our items. Believe me my store in my home is bursting with supplies and more is coming (delayed earlier due to backlogs from CHA07)!!! Anyway, do spread the word around to all your friends about us...if they work in KL, I guess they could pop by during lunch time as well. Again, thank you for offering help...let's see if Michelle and myself can get it covered...should be able to, hopefully ;)

naddy said...

will drop by if nuthing on ard that time :)

ruslina said...

would like to drop by. It's quite near with my workplace..