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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ranger Aridondack Pigment Ink

Ranger's latest ink pads are the pigment inks that coordinate with Ranger's entire Adirondack product line and are also available in half ounce reinkers.

Whats the difference between their earlier dye pads and this pigment pads?

Pigment ink pads have slightly longer drying period as it air dries on matte papers and other surfaces and leaves behind a vibrant and rich, opaque color. And because they are juicier, these are the perfect choice for embossing! According to the directions, they can also be heat set on glossy paper, vellum, shrink plastic, metal and glass.

The Adirondack color palette includes a coordinating light, bright, and earthtone shade of the same color, allowing for amazing shading and depth in stamped projects. There are six families of color (blue, yellow, green, purple, red and pink) plus pitch black and snow cap white for a total of 20 colors. Scrap-n-Crop has ALL THE COLOURS! Not only can you use these inks in their color families, but the tones (lights, brights and earthtones) also all coordinate.

Each case comes with a tight fitting lid and another plastic cover on the inside directly over the ink pad itself to help keep it from drying out. The pads have a raised foam surface that holds the ink above the case for easy direct-to-paper applications and to keep your fingers as clean as possible. The cases are black plastic making it a clear distinction from the dye ink pads which are a light tan color. The label on the top of the case is the color of the ink and the name is printed in clear block letters too. The bottom label states the color name and features of the ink. All of the cases are stackable and are actually made to fit neatly together when stacked to prevent them from falling over.

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