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Friday, March 28, 2008

Maya Road Part 1 {The Arrival}

Rub Ons
More Sheers - Scrolls, Flowers

Chipboard Albums - Trees, Butterflies
Chipboard Embellishments - Scrolls, Keys, Crowns
Velvet Flowers

Sheers - Office Memos, Notes

Coaster Albums

Keyring Albums

Chipboard Embellishments
Chipboard Shaped Albums

MOre Chipboard

Clear Albums


Chipboard Elements

Oooohhhhh la la......this is just Part 1 of 3 or 4 parts....for some reason, I only received 5 of 8 boxes! But here goes...drool girls.... This collection will be available for those attending our special crop party tomorrow! A preview sale for our special guests!!!


Anonymous said...

See please here

Carmen said...

Oh god.. now I can't sleep and probably be most upset i can't make it back in time for the crop party!

Val : I need a preview sale over the internet ha ha.

Cookie Aguilar said...

oh my!!! so many goodies!!! i wish i could there to attend the crop party!!!