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Friday, April 04, 2008

Congratulations to our new DT

We would love to welcome our new resident DTs for SnC. All your entries were so wonderful, we could not help but ended up selecting more than we wanted, thus the choosing of DTs until year 2010! We are still receiving fantastic entries to date, so dont be surprise if you see more!!!

Jan - Aug 08 - Wati & Liza (Singapore)
May 08 - Dec 08 - Jazz (Brunei) & Iris (Phil)
Sept 08 - April 09 - Huzaifa (M'sian in UK) & Jaz Lee (M'sian in Singapore)
Jan 09 - Aug 09 - Emily (Brunei) , Cabbie (Phil), Yatie (Malaysian)
May 09 - Dec 09 - Fon mee (M'sian) and Flordeliz (Phil)
Sept09 - April 2010 - Nadhrah (M'sian), Jessie (Brunei)

Michelle aka Chow Chow will remain our forum moderator and Serene will remain as our web co-ordinator and newsletter administrator.

Keep a watch on more exciting samples and projects ahead! Also dont forget to subscribe to our newsletters for these as well as news on new arrivals!


teacher jessy said...

Congratulations to all the creative DT's! Can't wait to see your creations!

Anonymous said...


JazzScraps said...

I would like to say thank you very much to Val and SnC for this opportunity. I hope to not only help inspire and share but also learn from fellow scrappers through SnC.

Thank You Very Much!

hannie said...

Congratulation to all of us. I hope I'm able to create LO that can inspire others too, and of course to learn at the same time.
Thanks Val and SnC. Looking forward to work with all of you.

kitkat said...

Congrats DTs! Can't wait to see your creations!!!