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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Unpacking Day 2

Thank you all for sharing all this fun and excitement....Last night, Jessie and Agnes came to help for a while..here's what we unearthed last night

  1. Envelope Templates
  2. Mimi Totes
  3. Memory Dock
  4. CH Paper Holders
  5. Wooden alphabets
  6. Melting Pots and the accessories
  7. Crackle Paints
  8. Albums
  9. Generations Cases
  10. Cosmo Cricket Biography 101 Albums
  11. Bare Elements Photo Frame, Puzzle, Cases, Treasure Box
  12. Giant Wooden Pegs and Clothes Pins
  13. Timeless Heritage Stickers and Cardstocks

More tonight....;) Stay tuned!

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