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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Being Grateful

Cally thought me something today! Bryant is here to teach us to be grateful for what we have...so if we ever feel unhappy about our weight, or that nose or that flab....at least we should be grateful for what we have!!!

Anyway, I am planning to also put up some of Bryant pages that I made....I have not however figured how to photograph a 12x12...so if anyone can help....

And as to progress on the website, we are finalising some items with the designer this Saturday...imagine, having to explain to the designers and the web-shaper guys what scrapbooking is all about!!! Wait till I get the wives addicted!!!


Sharon said...

Good day Valerie! I'm so glad that you sent me your new website. It is going to be fabulous...I wish you great luck. Bryant has grown sooooo much! I am indeed "grateful" each and every day for all the blessings myself and my family have received. I have made many pages with the ribbon that I received from you...as soon as I dig them out and take pictures, I will try to figure out how to post them on your blog. Take care! Sharon

scrap-n-crop said...

Oh hi Sharon...my dear friend...Long time no hear...I am so happy to have re-conciled with all my old friends through this blog...who would have thought!!!

And the best thing is to get all the contributions from buyers of my ribbons...what better way since I am not at all creative!!! I can only scrap-lift!!! Isnt that terrible???

Shoeaholic said...

Hi Val, Thanks for sharing your blog with me! It's been a while and it's certainly nice to be able to catch up this way!

If you'd like to post more pics in your blog, you can always upload them on "www.flickr.com" (for free) and then copy and paste the link in here.

You can choose from the various photo sizes too! Really user-friendly!

Let me know if you need any help in it! Will try my best to help ya out! Keep in touch! Cheers! Joanne.

scrap-n-crop said...

Hi Joanne

Yes...this is a wonderful way for us all to catch up and ogle in awe about scrapbooking!

Thanks for sharing the useful tip with me! I will most certainly try that out!!! Will look it up shortly! hope it works!!!

scrap-n-crop said...


the site is fantastic...i am looking at it now and getting some ideas for the website!!!