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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


It is probably a bad idea to blog about the 'store' updates especially when I took annual leave today! LOL

OK. It's pretty amazing how many things were actually cramped into my little store (and stairway and entrance)... I find it unbelievable and as we sorted them, recount stocks and displayed them some hard hitting facts were unearth:
  1. there goes ALL my salary and savings
  2. darn! I thought I lost those items and cancelled the sale
  3. what?!? There's still 12 of them? errr... another 12 is arriving any day soon
  4. I am seriously in need of rehabilitation
  5. I am blessed to be married to a down to earth husband who not only puts up with my silly pretty purchases, but takes over all the practical purchases - got us pantry supplies, bar fridge, spare bulbs, cleaning supplies ...et cetera! And oh, he's fantastic at fixing furniture too.
So, here's some updates:
  • We are almost there. Just a couple more trips (minus the PP which we are still waiting for the paper tray arrivals from the USA).
  • I've got to find 4-5 men to help me carry a book shelf my husband installed flat on the floor. A lying book shelf on the floor is literally a white elephant - not to mentioned its size and colour - huge and white!
  • I can use 250 hooks in 5 hours. I bought the store out of display hooks! I've to wait 8 days for them to remake the hooks.
  • My in-house camera person (sister) is down with the ankle the size of an elephant - so no photos, sarcasm and humour.
  • We have got pantry supplies, bar fridge, spare bulbs, cleaning supplies ...et cetera!
  • We made RM 80 from selling our carton boxes!!! (this also translates to the amount of things I have; just like those shopping vouchers you get from Metrojaya or Isetan equals how much you have spent in the past!)
OK. Back to reality. Packing stuff to ship out and off to bed - got to go to work tomorrow. :(


karen said...

oooh you are so funny!!! cant wait to see more posts!!!

SnazzyJazzie said...

with all these revamping, sounds like there are a gazillion stuffs to buy soon. post them up quick! can't wait!

playfulmeowz said...

Hang in there.... (",)

Scrap-n-Crop Blogs said...

snazzyjazzie - yes, everything is currently in progress. try to post/list in store daily.

playfulmeowz - thanks! much needed support

Wishful Thinking said...

Wow, sounds like it's all coming together (with a few hic-ups!). Thank goodness for great hubbies huh! :-)

Hope your hooks and shelves arrive soon. Maybe you can "rehabilitate" while you wait for them to arrive :-) heehee

Scrap-n-Crop Blogs said...


Serene Ho said...

Great job CES! Aunty Serene is very proud of your efforts!