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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

think in SHADES, not just COLOURS

Well, when the boxes arrived at the doorstep and I was ticking it off against the invoice, I couldn't help but think, "When is this going to end?". It was back breaking work and having moved them over the weekend I now understood the hoo-haa (protest) my sister was going about when she first stacked them up to our very own Petronas wannabe-Bazzill twin towers that was taller than me!

Looking back, it's probably a GREAT move on my part of indiscretion and getting carried away, since Bazzill prices has gone up and the ringgit has weaken against the green back.

So, all this can only mean one thing to all the supporters of Scrap-n-Crop.com:

you still get your staples (Bazzill cardstock) at the same low old price + you get to chose SHADES, not just COLOURS.

Given that it is a crazy 14 feet tower of Bazzill, I think I'll be listing it by colours - since I have enough shades and texture per colour to keep me busy.

Stay tune for the fun ... and yes, laugh away at my craziness!


Wishful Thinking said...

So if Revlon has 42 reds, how many did you get from Bazzill??? Just curious ... I want to do a page for my BOM on my fav colour which is red (of course!) heheehe

Scrap-n-Crop Blogs said...

you've got to wait for REDs to be listed... or, I'll give u the pleasure of doing the VM for the reds in the store. :)

mindycox said...

personally, I think you gals are MAD!!! But I totally love you for it.
Can I come this weekend? Please. I'll help carry stuff etc.

.::WaNiE::. said...

wah wah ... im going to save my bonus this month to shop:P hihihi