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Saturday, September 06, 2008


but I am way too excited to continue keeping this under wraps!

So a little clue and sneak peek here...

meters and meters of slate walls
{ I was bemused when the installer said it was the largest project he has ever done yet in Malaysia. Either business is that bad OR slate walls are a luxury!!! I don't know. }

Got a tat excited here... but gimme a break! It's just a "naked" mannequin and a magazine on a rack. But the clue here is the magazine's title "Room-to-Room". hmmm... I wonder what this means?

more slate walls and awwww... tiered trays

hmmmm... I too wonder what ALL this could mean? (wink)


hannie said...

Wow! Yay!! Congratulation!!
I know it means we'll have more exciting things happen later!!
Really happy for you Val. Hope it will be great fun for you to design your display later. :D

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

thank you hannie...yes yes yes...we cannot wait to organise some exciting events to come!!! finally a place out of the basement!

Ifa said...

congrats! this is so exciting.