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Monday, September 08, 2008

the MR and ATC corner

Day #2 updates:

Lost loads of productive time to injury time.
Sustained 2" cut on head, 1 elephant looking swollen ankle, bruises ...

Maya Road corner done.
ATC corner partially completed.
14" high Bazzill transported without event - all my babies survived in their new wrappers!!!

devoted MAYAns corner

'chipboard monster' cookies for SALE!!!

The ink pads are a temporary installment until the rest of the stand arrives by ship. I'm thinking of hanging all of them on a wall since there's just too many colours. Ideas anyone?


Wishful Thinking said...

Looking REALLY good :-)

SnazzyJazzie said...

i think u shd just display the inks the way they are. can save shelves for other goodies

teacher jessy said...

Woo hoo!! Everything is so nice and organized!!

hazel said...

m waiting for more update :wink:

Natalia said...

everything looks so good as it is already...the display makes all the products so yummy..lol :D i want to see more sneak peek of the store! :D